Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Precious Life

Life is so precious. Time is an unforgivable driver of life, and if not respected, it will take and refuse to give.

A body that has seen the world and experienced joy ages and slows. How short life is, how amazing that so much experience and feelings can be compacted in just a few years.

All that you have taught me I will remember. All that you said I will treasure. All your adventures I will hold dear. I love you and will miss you when your soul is taken from this world. What a wonderful friend you are to me and my memories of you will always remain. I will tell my children of you and what an amazing person you are. If only I could shake the strong confines of time and keep you always here. Doesn't the world know what it is doing to take you away.

I wish I could remove the pains of getting older from your weary body. I wish I could make moving easier for you and let your mind feel again what it is like to be young. Why does time continue. Why must death ever be part of life?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Everyday, I sit and wonder at what will come. Have I done what I needed to do to secure a small but happy future for myself, and am I strong enough for what may be instore?

What kind of a woman am I to take on the world and its uncertainties and heartaches? Have I blossomed enough to find the strength to continue to persue dreams or am I slowly giving in?

I still feel young in an ever aging world. I keep running to catch up. My soul is strong and my mind is quick, but is that enough?