Monday, January 4, 2010

Should I do it? I have mixed feelings. Is it worth having my furniture possibly destroyed, my nose never being able to stop from running, my eyes red and itchy, my poor body convulsing from sneezing at least 5 times in a row bent over a sink with a wet tissue in hand? Is this worth it?

Am I ready?

I sure love them though.... well, it really is a love hate relationship. It depends on if we can get along. Can they handle an occasional torture?

What fun we could have.

On this note, my dear Penny, my dear friend. I will miss you. You and Leah were our friends to the very end.

Only Time

Only time will tell how life will roll. It will show me where I will go and what I will do. In a way I am really excited for the possibilities that I know just lie ahead. Not to say that I have not enjoyed most of what I have been a part of here, but I am too full of the desire for adventure to remain in one place. Just think of the world and all the beauty it has. How amazing its features are and how mountains can become hills but still hold as much if not more stories and history in them. I have seen cities and landscapes that can leave one speechless. So why not see more, why not explore more?

I guess that is exactly what I am doing right now. In May I head to the Yucatan, well the Puuc Hills, to study the ancient Maya. I am nervous but I am also so excited to be able to tell stories of my adventures when I come back. In about 2 years, my stay in Utah will probably come to an end for a while, and Adam and I will explore this country and dream of houses and yards and white columns.

What fun is to be had. At my journey's end I want to be able to explain that I have been an explorer, that I have found the beauties created, that I have found joy, and that I have filled my cup so that it is brimming over.