Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year Toast

Here is to all the laughter and smiles that we will experience.
Here is to the happy days and glad hearts that will fill our homes with warmth and joy.
Here is to the tears that have been shed and will be shed during moments of relief, joy and even sorrow.
Here is to the life that will come into the world and the life that will leave.
Here is to family that comfort and surround us.
Here is to the belief in Christ and his teachings.
Here is to the Mother Earth and the creatures that live on her.
Here is to the light that guides and warms us.
Here is to the new year. May God bless everyone!

This year I hope to make even better than last. After sitting on this couch in my pajamas I have come to realize that I am so in need of a diet.... So, my first goal is to monitor bite by bite the food I eat and cook.
I also want to read at least 4 really good books that I am not required to read at school. I have been advised that Fablehaven and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians are wonderful series to start with. Fantasy but enchanting, and apparently each book in each series progressively gets more intense. This will be great!
I will practice my cello to the point of working up Hayden's Concerto in C Major (for auditioning for OTS).
I will also challenge myself to draw a picture at least once a week or maybe if things get busy once every 2 weeks.

Another major goal of Mrs. Laura Marie Morrison Pyper is to be a better daughter, sister, and wife than ever before!!!!

God Bless and a Happy New Year to all!