Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Feeling of there is Something Important to Say

It is true, I totally feel like there is something really important I should be telling people, and then I think through my life right now and realize that is impossible since my life is fairly monotonous.

I wake up every day around 8am if I like to or not, and then I take my normal half hour to get ready, pack my stuff, let the dog out, and feed the dog. Then it is on to the bus, where I sit for another half hour watching the same scenery go by. Last semester it was to the point where I had to spot the same object everyday or my day would just be off, oh and I had to sit in the same seat or I would just be grumpy and shoot daggers from my eyes at the person who dared to sit where I was supposed to.

Now thank heavens, I only ride the bus in the morning and I go home with Adam in the afternoon.

I get to school and do the same classes day after day after day. And I deal with students and professors that are having just about the same exciting day I am having. After brushing out ideas of stranglation I can move onto sitting in front of my computer checking emails. Woot!

When 2:30 rolls around I am ready to leave and grab some lunch. And then I go home and cook, clean, sleep, eat and think I have to do that all over again.

I wish there was one thing that would change.... I wish I could lose some weight. I mean what the ... I have been eating fine and exercising and now I just feel like I should forget about it. Eat up!

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